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REM Powder

Easy to remove oil. Oil-water separator absorbs oil from oil-water passing through tank

REM powder



REM Powder refers to powdered urethane. It physically absorbs oil from oil-water passing through tank.
REM Power, when squeezed after absorbing oil, becomes able to absorb oil again. So, it is reusable. Since it is powder, it can turn into various shapes. It is easy to use, and can be used at various scenes.


Separation of finer emulsions

REM Power alone can separate oil and water. For finer emulsions, the REM tank, or the Removal + Emulsion tank, solves the problem.

For more, read “REM tank”, which means Remove + Emulsion Tank



Density 40g /L Varies due to particle size distribution
Amount of oil absorption 5 times own weight Depending on service condition

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