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REM Auto

New product!
Fully automatic machine appeared

The REM Tank and REM Swing has coalesced.
Full automatic operation of the oil-water separation and de-oiled.
Set the operation time on the touch panel.
Oil-water separation operation, de-oiled operation, you can set each time.
Or be operated several times a day, you can also set the number of cycles.


   Please refer to the demonstration video  movie red



rem auto new

Various elements

Material SUS304
weight 235kg
size 450×800×1100
Rotational speed 3000rpm During the de-oiled operation rotational speed
Power supply AC200V
Motor output 2.2KW
Electrical control Sequencer, inverter type
Operation management Touch panel
pump 200V 0.2MPA equivalent
Processing speed 100L/min
Use separating agent amount 2kg
Amount of adsorption 1.4L


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