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With large oil drops, an emulsion is unstable and comparatively easy to separate, but when the oil drop diameter is small, an emulsion is stable and separating the oil from the water takes time.

With the typical oil-water separator, it is necessary to operate complex equipment, and unfortunately, the results leave something to be desired.

Is it impossible to efficiently and reliably separate water and oil?
Oil and water are supposed to be mutually immiscible liquids.
We deliberated, performed trials, reconsidered and repeated the process of trial and error, all based on straight chemistry.
Using a method that is extremely simple but not obvious, we created a core solution.
Its effectiveness is obvious.Also, it excels in functionality, workability, operability and maintainability, which combine to make it very economical.

To protect nature’s bounty and leave a better environment to future generations.
To realize this simple concept, we have spent our lives “battling oil.”


Access Japan Inc.
Kazuyoshi Fujimoto, president




We battle to separate oil from water, never accepting compromise.
We make a distinction between what is and is not truly necessary.

To protect the abundance of nature and leave a better environment to future generations, we do research and development under the corporate slogan “All Separate It!”


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